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Q & A Section

Turquoise: We're famous! / Tyrule: Finally!

This is what you get..
for feeding their egos.

Q: I don't get it.
A: As many probably wouldn't. This comic isn't for everyone, though I try to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Q: "Nobody has any arms. This is stupid! I'm going home!"
A: I kind of just expect people to 'get it'. You know? It's all part of the comedy. But you can't please everyone. Sometimes people nitpick things to death and they just want answers!

In other words, everyone in the Warz & Battlez universe has the unique, fictional power of telekinosis. Telekinosis is the ability to grab things without arms and smell without a nose. It truly is... Extraordinary.

Q: "I am offended because I thought this comic was for kids."
A: 13+ is a good number. And any sensible adult has enough control to just stop reading if it offends them.

Q: What's with the graphics?
A: I produce this comic in MS Paint XP. Mainly because I enjoy pixel art, but also because I have always worked in paint all my life and enjoy it. So much that I don't want to change how I do things. I just want to keep them the way they are.

Q: How do you read these things?
A: Panels - From left to right. Captions/speech boxes are read from top to bottom, but also apply the common left to right rule where it's due.

Q: "I don't understand who's talking. Help me, oh gawd, please help me."
A: I try to make it as obvious as possible. Let's use Turquoise Blues for example.

Turquoise... BLUES.

Turquoise' last name is Blues. His eyes are royal blue. His shirt is turquoise, a shade of blue (far closer to dodgerblue technically but let's pretend it's turquoise for the sake of this explanation).

When you see a speech box with a dark blue background and light blue text, it's Turquoise talking. Chances are, when you see a speech box in those colors, that no one else on screen is of similar shade. In short, the speech boxes almost Always correlate with the color scheme of the character (usually eyes and shirt). However, when in doubt, refer to the Biographies section of this site. For every character introduced in the series, I have listed what colors they use to talk as well as other things.

Q: What year does Warz & Battlez take place during?
A: Sometime during the 1990's, though their universe differs from ours so that's not saying much. They also have many things from current times in their lives. If I had to slap a direct starting year on the comic, I wouldn't. So I'd just say 199X.

Q: "Why does ____________ do _________ or why does ___________ happen?"
A: Because.

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