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Tyrule writing in the log.

Everything has been kind of spayed and neutered lately... But no longer!


We had a bit of a weather problem where I live. An ice storm swished through the south, causing the pine trees to drop limbs and many power outages. This also resulted in loss of cable/internet, sadly. The storm was also followed by a short and seemingly harmless earthquake. I thought I was doomed not to upload a comic this week, but as you can see, here it is!

In other news, I have some neat projects in the works! Such as a re-design of the Spinscythe main site, new additional content, and a Special comic dedicated to my feelings towards the recent ice storm, to name a few! And yes, a special comic usually means 12 panels and out of number. So I hope you all enjoy the new material when I'm done!

These news updates don't really stand out at all, do they? I would find a better way to get them in your face, but I figure seeing the latest comic is more important. So until it becomes a legitimate concern, I'll keep these tucked away here.


Shiny new logo


Currently in the process of updating the logo on all pages. We gots us a nice, shiny new version for 2014. Also need to make some minor adjustments in general.

Enjoying the holiday comics so far? There are more on the way!


And so Warz & Battlez Begins...


After so much time and effort put into creating this, the Warz & Battlez official website is now up and ready for action! From this point on, new comics will be posted here. You can also read character biographies, browse the comic archives, and see the About page for more details on Warz & Battlez!


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