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What is Warz & Battlez?

Never question a bear.

Warz & Battlez is an MS Paint pixel art comic written and created by Jeremy Lee Minney. The concept originated in the 90's when Jeremy (me) experimented in paint, making strange characters that fought each other in numerous ways, starting with only Turquoise, Tyrule, and eventually the sinister version of Teko Tock.

When the original hard drive containing the saved files crashed, the idea died off for a while. Then, in 2004, inspiration once again kicked in and revived the project into a new comic with a stable art style and a plot. This concept was left alone again, only this time shelved instead of erased.

Finally, the comic has blossomed into a new form, exceeding Jeremy's original expectations. The now released form of this comic contains 6 panels of sitcom fun-times, as compared to 4 in the beta (and none in the original).

The Rules

So you wanna read W&B. That's fine and all, but you should probably know the rules first. And there are only four of them, so it's all quite simple to understand, really.

  1. Read text from left to right, top to bottom.
  2. Speech Box colors coordinate with character colors (Shirt and Eyes).
  3. Characters have no arms or noses, but do possess Telekinosis - the ability to smell without a nose and move objects without arms.
  4. All the characters are insane.

The Backstory

The original trio.

The entirety of Warz & Battlez in a single image.

Once upon time, there was a guy named Tyrule Orchid. He was the only male born of the Orchid family.

The Orchids were part of a grand empire. Tyrule was destined to rule it after his mother. Queen Orchid told Tyrule that all he had to do was protect his fortress for a year. Tyrule agreed to this, and if he passed, he would become a ruler.

Within that week, a guy named Turquoise Blues went Outside exploring. Managing to dodge his nemesis, The Bear, he stumbled upon Tyrule's fortress. Believing it was the most indestructable thing he ever saw, he decided to kick the front wall. And with that one single kick from Turquoise, Tyrule's fortress was destroyed to rubble.

Turquoise was surprised and somewhat embarrassed. Tyrule was enraged. There was no reasoning with Turquoise. As a result of the fortress being destroyed, Queen Orchid exiled Tyrule from royalty.

Tyrule, now homeless and upset, was invited by Turquoise to live at The Teal-Walled House. He took the offer because he had to, but still hates and blames Turquoise for his situation. They lived together for some time and bonded as acquaintances.

Then, one day, Turquoise was traveling Outside yet again and stumbled upon another homeless person. His name was Teko Tock. He told Turquoise he had been traveling alone for days. Turquoise invited him to stay with him and Tyrule at The Teal-Walled House as well!

Together, Turquoise, Tyrule, and Teko lived at the Teal-Walled House as a trio while being joined by:

  • Ralphie Disco (Turq's cousin)
  • The Bear
  • a crazy old man
  • Author (the persona writer of the comic world)
  • Jacques (Teko's brother)
  • and several more to come...

Enjoy, yo!

Q&A Section

For some reason a Q&A section has been written out for you to read. If that interests you, click here to read it.


If you have a question to ask or a comment to make, you can e-mail jeremy@spinscythe.com. I'm sure you'll get a response at some point.

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